Baltimore Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant

Success Story About IRIS Control Valve

Wastewater Treatment Plant

First there was Fine Bubble Diffusers, next High Speed Turbo Blowers, then Hyperboloid Mixer technology, and finally the Iris valve completes your system for fast, efficient, and accurate process control

In 2013; Baltimore Back River began installing 174 Iris valves, Rotork Actuators, and ABB “Sensyflow” thermal mass flow meters

Egger’s “Air Flow Control” System was part of an overall process upgrade which included new high speed Turbo blowers & Hyperboloid mixers

Our valves are a necessary “Appurtenance” for the blower systems overall performance providing stable valve position feedback for the SCADA system.

Stable, Linear, Accurate, Repeatable, and Reliable air flow control to improve your process and reduce air usage

Iris valves are the Next Technology Revolution in Wastewater treatment!


(174) Valves, actuators, flow meters, and piping for each of the four wastewater treatment plants located on Baltimore Back River complex.


Archer Western