Constant Pressure & Flow Regulator


Within 2% Accuracy & Repeatability

IRIS Air Flow Control Valve

High Performance Constant Pressure & Flow Regulator

Available Sizes: 1″ – 16″
Pressure: up to 87 psi higher upon request
Temperature: up to 248 higher upon request

Energy Cost Saving and Low Noise Emissions

Due to the free passage and low turbulence in our Constant Pressure & Flow Regulator, energy costs and noise emissions are reduced to a minimum.

Rugged, Heavy Duty Construction

Designed for continuous operation, particularly suitable for variable duties. Simple installation and commissioning.

Non-clogging and self-cleaning

Due to the free, central flow design and automatic self-cleaning feature of the segment edges during valve operation Flushing connections are provided.

Several actuator designs available

Electrical actuator for precise regulation permitting up to 1200 operations per hour. Optional pneumatic actuator, hand wheel or lever.

Hysteresis-free and excellent regulation characteristics

These are the prerequisites for regulating tasks. This is achieved by the continually variable aperture from 0-100%, similar to the IRIS diaphragm of a camera, always maintaining a central flow axis and by an enhanced segment edge design.

Various fields of applications

The iris flow control flow regulator may be used for liquids, gases, granules or powders. Available with integrated flow measurement for gases.

DO Based Aeration Control with diffused aeration and blowers

•        IRIS Constant Pressure & Flow Regulator for:

–        Airflow based control

–        Pressure based control

•        Most Open Valve automated control types

•        Ammonia-Based Aeration Control (ABAC)

Let us help you with your application.

As Process Engineers begin changing their processes to “Low D.O.” and/or “ABAC” systems,
they have found that the IRIS Flow Regulator is the only product in the market which can provide s
table control at the high flows as well as at 5% or 10% Open (Low Flows).
Simply, IRIS is the
only flow regulator with constant geometry from 0 to 100 percent.




IRIS Gas and Liquid Flow Control Valve
IRIS Diaphragm Control Valve
IRIS Diaphragm Control Valve
IRIS Diaphragm Control Valve
IRIS Diaphragm Control Valve

The Best Solution For Your Application

Reducing operations cost have become the Number #1 priority for a wastewater treatment plant. Egger’s IRIS® Pressure and Flow Regulator offers both high regulating accuracy and a very low pressure drop saving as much as 15 percent of your blower’s energy usage.

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1947: Swiss Engineered Pumps

EGGER, founded by Mr. Emile Egger, is an independent family-owned Swiss pump manufacturer specializing in handling solids and aerated liquids.

A key quality feature is that the whole production process – from development through functional testing – is carried out in-house under controlled conditions by 350 skilled employees.
Thanks to the contribution of each member of our team, we have succeeded in maintaining our excellent level of quality; the highest even by typical Swiss standards.

Our unique background has been achieved by our ability to identify with and listen to each of our business partners. These partners have many different specific needs, however, all can be sure of
one thing: EGGER has the unique solution for them.

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IRIS Control Valve Early Models
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